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This website is designed just for you, to keep your brain firing and your spirit resilient. And because it’s just for you, you will be challenged to shape it so it works as it should for your success.

Your English Units

Click on the title to go to an overview of your English Unit. Keep an eye on where you’re up to in your work. Review where you’re up to and plan how to move forwards.

Yr 7 Creative Unit
Yr 7 Persuasive Speech
Yr 7 Poetry Unit
Yr 8 Persuasive Writing
Yr 8 Debating
Yr 8 Creative Short Stories
Yr 9 Creative Narrative
Yr 9 Text Response

Your Tutor Group

Click on on your Tutor Group to receive particular ways in which you are working with your work in class.

7C Tutor Group
7E Tutor Group
7F Tutor Group
8C Tutor Group
9B Tutor Group
9D Tutor Group
9E Tutor Group

The 100% Project

A project to access a 100 ways to realise your great potential in classroom work & NAPLAN tests so that you achieve life long literacy skills.

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