Year 7 Information Writing and Oral Presentation

Learning Intentions:

We are learning about informative texts 

Success Criteria:

  • I understand what the features of an informative text are.
  • I can explain the purpose of an informative text
  • I can identify each element of an informative text in a sample

The Initial Plan

The organisation of the Year 7 unit for tutorial participants was as follows”

Focusing on a philosophical discussion

The Year 7 tutorial groups were given the following ‘broadsheets’ to discuss the features of information texts. For instance, how the essential assumption in them is that they present the truth in a balanced way. On the other hand, the representation of truth can be tricky when it’s based on completely new discoveries that are not easily seen and understood… as was the case of informing Londoners to use only clean water to avoid the microscopic germs that caused Cholera.