Year 7 Explorations

How is your research going?

This is a series of activities I moved through with the tutorial group in Year 7E. I created the booklet from the documents that all teachers use in the Information Writing and Oral Presentation unit, together with a small group focus to incorporate the direction the classroom teachers decided to take within the unit. Highlighting the…

Year 7 Autobiographical Writing

What's your story as a stimulus question

In this unit, students are enabled to learn about the following outcomes. Scattered memories into paragraphs Julius begins to flesh out his own stories A ‘cold ‘ reading of Roald Dahl’s Boy Ezekia tells his story, and I challenge him to remember feelings as well as happenings. Shane goes from mind mapping to writing his narrative

Year 7 Information Writing and Oral Presentation

Learning Intentions: We are learning about informative texts  Success Criteria: The Initial Plan The organisation of the Year 7 unit for tutorial participants was as follows” Focusing on a philosophical discussion The Year 7 tutorial groups were given the following ‘broadsheets’ to discuss the features of information texts. For instance, how the essential assumption in them…